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Spongė Lab is part of Vilnius based cultural center SODAS 2123. Filmlab is founded by artists collective - Kipras Dubauskas, Bon Alog, Vytautas Kazimieras Juozenas, Miki Ambrozy, Egle Razumaite. Spongė continues nurturing and researching the craft of analog photography and motion picture in particular. We unite and host artists, filmmakers with certain interest in moving image, experimental films and expanded cinema. We focus on expanding our knowledge and sharing it with others by educating, organizing workshops and screenings.

Spongė Lab is part of Filmlabs.org global network.

Laboratory is mainly focused on analog motion picture projects. Darkroom is specified for DIY cine (8mm and 16mm) and photography (35, 120) manual film developing, alternative photography printing techniques. Room is equipped with tanks for developing cine Super 8, 16mm and 35mm, 120mm photography film, enlargers (Durst color Laorator 138, Krokus GFA) and enough space for your personal projects and experiments.

Editing room allows you to use film editing tables(super 8/8mm, Steenbeck 16mm), splicers (Catozzo, Cinemonta), super 8/8mm, 16mm projectors, film slide viewer, 35mm photography scanner, a collection of photography/film books.

RENTAL&OTHER (More info by email)
16mm Eiki beamer
8&2x8mm cameras (Cosina 3000, Canon Zoom 518, Yashica, Fujica, Bolex)
16mm cameras (Krasnogorsk)
s8&8mm scanning
Manual developing processes