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We invite you to join our membership programme. Membership provides you an access to darkroom and editing room. Each member holds right and responsibility to take part in collective activities, equipment rental and etc.

We accept new members every half a year. There is a permanent membership fee (300/150 eur per year/semester, joining twice a year: Septemnber, January) or project-research based membership from one to three months (45 eur per month, joining possible every 1st day of the month). In consideration for the membership or other individual projects email us - ︎

Current members:
Bon Alog - media artist, photographer | www.alogbon.com www.docufiction.eu
Miki Ambrozy - filmmaker, researcher, curator | https://mikiambrozy.com
Andrei Antonau - artist, curator | https://patagrafija.wordpress.com
Vilius Barkauskas  - photographer | https://instagram.com/vilius_barkauskas
Jonas Ciurlys  - photographer | https://www.instagram.com/jonasciurlys
Kipras Dubauskas  - visual artist |
Alex Gurlenia  - photographer | https://www.instagram.com/geezine
Algirdas Jarusevicius - photographer
Vytautas Kazimieras Juozenas  - multimedia artist | https://www.skicas.com
Migle Krizinauskaite  - director, filmmaker, educator | https://miglekrizinauskaite.com/
Vilius Maciulskis  - cinematographer | https://www.instagram.com/machiulskis
Mindaugas Ozelis - photographer | https://www.instagram.com/vienajuosta
George Finlay Ramsay - interdisciplinary artist | https://www.georgefinlayramsay.com/
Egle Razumaite  - film director | https://www.eglerazumaite.com